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“Pure & natural ingredients prepared in all their simplicity are the essence of great-tasting Italian food.”

— Francesco Bertolli

Real foods and ingredients are the Bertolli way. Today, we continue to craft all of our meals with this philosophy in mind. We use real ingredients, like 100% all-natural chicken, sautéed garlic, real butter & cream, and slow-simmered sauces. Simple, authentic Italian recipes the way Francesco did it. Mangia!

Real foods and ingredients are the Bertolli way. So don’t just eat. Mangia!

“There is nothing more beautiful than sharing great food, conversation and laughter.”
— Francesco Bertolli

It all began in 1865 with a little shop in Lucca, Tuscany. Here, Francesco Bertolli sold only the highest quality local wine, cheese, olives and olive oil.

Francesco Bertolli understood that what he was providing people wasn’t just ingredients for meals; it was ingredients for the kind of simple, yet robust meal experiences that awaken the senses, enliven conversations, and inspire us to be in the moment and connect with another person.

An authentic Italian meal is the sum of all the experiences that happen around the food. The people that matter most, the boisterous conversation and inevitable laughter, the unexpected turns the night can take — it all adds up to a lot more than merely eating. This is Mangia. It means eat, the authentic Italian way. Bertolli proudly celebrates this uniquely Italian perspective that is rooted in Francesco Bertolli’s philosophy, and boldly declares it to the world: Don’t just eat. Mangia!

Lucca, Italy, Home of Bertolli since 1865
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